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The Wits Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) is primarily responsible for quality control within its various engineering schools. FEBE ensures high levels of performance through staff development and retention, as well as the supply of all resources required to support efficient teaching that produces exceptional engineers of the future.
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About Transnet

Transnet, the largest freight logistics company in South Africa, provides efficient, reliable and cost-effective goods transportation services to its customers. In its quest to promote the country’s economic growth, Transnet offers a comprehensive freight logistics network which includes the management of freight rail and engineering, national ports, cargo terminal operations, and pipelines.
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Prof. Montaz Ali
Research Professor
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Miscellaneous Information:
Research Professor

Research Interests:

Stochastic Methods for Global Optimization;
Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems;
Optimal Control Theory;
Operations Research;
Industrial Mathematics


1. Honours in Mathematics with Statistics, Dhaka University, Bangladesh; 
2. MSc in Mathematics with Operations Research, Dhaka University, Bangladesh; 
3. PhD in Global Optimization, Loughborough University, UK

Recent Publications:

1.      Geng Lin, Wenxing Zhu, M. Montaz Ali, An effective discrete dynamic convexized method for solving the winner determination problem, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, 32, pp.563-593, 2016.
2.      E. Newby and M. M. Ali, Transformation based Preprocessing for Mixed Integer Quadratic Program, Joutnal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 168, pp.1039-1045, 2016.
3.      Mingzheng Wang, Zili He, Tsan-Ming Choi and M. Montaz Ali, Vehicles Assignment with Over-Emission Intensity Considerations:  A Perspective on Integrating the Market Mechanism with Government Control, IEEE Access,   4, pp.5098-5110, 2016.
4.      Campbell, M. M. Ali, and M. L. Fienberg, Solving dial-a-ride problem using agent based simulation, South African Journal of Industrial Engineering,   27 (3), pp.143-157, 2016.
5.      Geng Lin, Wenxing Zhu and M. M. Ali, An effective hybrid memetic algorithm for the minimum weight dominating set problem, IEEE Transaction on Evolutionary Computation, 20 (6), pp.892-907, 2016.
6.      W. Doorsamy, W. A. Cronje, M. Montaz Ali,   Optimisation of an Experimental Perturbation and Estimation Technique used to Autonomise Nodes on DC Microgrids, 24th Southern African Universities Power Engineering Conference, 26 -- 28 January 2016, Vereeniging, South Africa, Article number: 2D-4, 2016
7.      E. Newby and M. M. Ali,  Linear transformation based solution methods for non-convex mixed integer quadratic programs, Optimization Letters, forthcoming
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